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The Truth Behind a Trim

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

I hear this from SO many of my guests..

"My hair doesn't grow."

“I know if it’ll grow faster if I get it trimmed.”

“My hair gets to this length then stops growing”

If you’ve said these things to your stylist.. KEEP. READING!

Your hair grows from a follicle under your skin! Aka, the “root.” On average, hair grows about 1/2 inch per month! That’s 6 inches per YEAR! That can vary depending on nutrition, activity level, medication, health issues, etc.

So, why is your hair not 6 inches longer now then it was last year even though you have avoided haircuts? BREAKAGE. (I know, the word we all fear)

Even the healthiest hair on the planet experiences some sort of breakage! It doesn’t only happen when your flat iron is rocking everyday at 450°. Coloring services, heat styling, certain styles involving a lot of tension, blow drying, even twirling eventually causes the ends of the hair to become brittle. Once this happens, the ends split! You can imagine how it goes from there. At about this point, clients start to think their hair stopped growing! It never stops growing, but it’s possible that it won’t stop breaking! My clients with a fine hair texture have to be much more gentle with their hair than my clients with super coarse hair!

Can you get rid of split ends without a haircut? No. Can you conceal them and prevent them from getting worst? Yes! (Ask your stylist about a regimen that’s best for you if this is a constant struggle for you!)

Moral of the story, GET THOSE ENDS CUT!

I love being able to explain this to my clients, in hopes they take my professional advice into consideration and stay prebooked every 6-8 weeks!

If you’ve been stuck at the same length for quite some time now, talk to your stylist about getting more frequent trims and a more in depth hair care regimen!

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