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Let's talk skincare!

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Life gets crazy sometimes, and the last thing on your list of things to do is taking the time for your skin, but what if I told you that you can save your skin in 5 minutes or less? Something as simple as cleansing and moisturizing twice a day can make a huge difference in your skin's overall health!

Everyday your skin is exposed to pollutants in the air that can cause clogged pores, dryness, premature aging and more! That doesn't even touch what other components are affecting your skin such as smoking, lack of sunscreen, etc. Cleansing is vital to remove all these pollutants from your skin and allows for your skin to breathe. If you wear make-up, make sure to remove ALL make-up before cleansing! (Going to bed with make-up is a definite NO!) If you get in the habit of not removing it all, it's a sure way to get clogged pores and enhance your chance of acne.

After a thorough cleansing follow up with a moisturizer that is the best fit for your skin type. This is essential, using the wrong products on your skin can cause worsening effects! A moisturizer will help keep your skin from drying out and help prevent the signs of aging. Your skin needs the right amount of moisture to stay glowing and to stay full and healthy. You wouldn't deprive yourself from water, so don't deprive your skin! And I don't know who needs to hear this, but OILY SKIN NEEDS MOISTURE TOO! Every skin type will benefit from the right amount of moisturizer! (We will get into skin types and what products are best another day)

For a busy mom like me, I cleanse my face while I am in the shower to save on time and at night I make sure to cleanse after I brush my teeth, since I am already in the bathroom. I keep my moisturizer in with my make-up to remind myself to put it on PRIOR to putting on my make-up and at night I follow up my cleansing with a night time cream! It only takes me a total of 5 minutes to do BOTH of these, day and night!

This dynamic duo is the best way to start and end your day. Of course there are other products you can add to take care of your skin, but these two are the must haves for your daily routine!

You are worth an extra 5 minutes and your skin will thank you!

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