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Summertime Tips & Tricks

Its finally summertime!

Sun, sand, warm weather, and enjoying the outdoors from sun up to sun down. But with all of the good also comes the not so good- dreaded maryland humidity and dry, frizzy hair. To a certain extent, hair will always be different according the season and the weather outside but preventative products and styling are available and simple to follow. Here are some of my favorite product suggestions for common summer hair issues:

I would like to start by saying that a good, salon quality shampoo and conditioner regimen is the base for more manageable hair! Adding styling products to your shampoo and conditioner regimen is like icing on the cake, you have to have the cake base to add on top of first!

My personal favorite shampoo and conditioner duo is Deep Clean shampoo and Hydrate My Hair conditioner! Besides both smelling amazing, the deep clean is necessary to really get in there and wash away all of the sweat and grime out of your hair and scalp to reduce build up and excess oil. Hydrate My Hair conditioner the most lightweight hydration to make your hair silky smooth and brush-able but not heavy and over moisturized (which especially nice for all my fine hair ladies!)

For all of my thick hair and curly hair friends, Smooth Me Now anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner duo was made for you! It has added proteins to help strengthen those frizzy baby hairs so they behave for you on those really humid days.

ELEVEN AUSTRALIA DETANGLE MY HAIR – LEAVE IN SPRAY: this product is literally made for everyone! It is a super light mist that helps to detangle even the messiest of heads of hair. I personally like to keep it in my pool/boat/beach bag and mist a little in my hair before getting in the water so that my hair has already soaked up the leave in spray and soaks up less of the chemicals and stuff in the water!

ELEVEN AUSTRALIA MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT - it says it all in the name! it really is a miracle hair product and it smells like summer in a bottle. This product is a thicker leave in product than the detangle spray but it has so many added benefits, my favorite one being it has a UV protectant in it so it will literally protect your hair color from fading in the sun!

ELEVEN AUSTRALIA SMOOTH & SHINE ANTI FRIZZ SERUM or MOROCCAN OIL – THESE ARE THE HOLY GRAIL!!!! Both of these products can be applied wet and/or dry and will transform your dry, brittle ends into shiny, healthy hair. Also amazing to use as a finishing product to run over those fly aways and baby hairs around your face to really hold them down and add the extra moisture and love they really need.

ELEVEN AUSTRALIA GIVE ME CLEAN HAIR – the best dry shampoo spray on the market (in my opinion) it is a cornstarch based powder spray and is so light and airy that it feels like you have freshly cleaned hair. Theres no white residue or stiff hairspray feel here!

ELEVEN AUSTRALIA KEEP MY COLOR TREATMENT FOR BLONDES – lets be real, blondes have fragile hair to begin with and adding the summer heat and sun enhances that ten fold. This product is a must have for all my blondies! It is a purple toned deep conditioning treatment! It will moisturize and conteract brass all at the same time, you basically get a 2 for 1 deal!!

As always, products will only get you so far, being preventative and using the least amount of heat as possible, meaning blowdrying, flat ironing, curling, etc will ALWAYS help to keep your hair as healthy as possible also! Please ask your stylist for a personalized styling regimen for your hair and hair type. These are all product suggestions and are not overnight transformation treatments.

Heres to more good hair days

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