Whitley Popoli





"Theres nothing I love more than being able to provide our clients with a positive and uplifting salon experience. I value the relationships my team and I have created with our clients and look forward to the future ones to come." 

Whitley Popoli

Stephanie Menken

"My favorite part of being a stylist is doing transformations, whether its a dramatic color change or a fun haircut! I love being able to provide the time for my clients to sit down and relax from their daily stressors and give them the confidence they deserve by giving them beautiful healthy hair & skin."

master stylist/facialist


Sheri Moore

"Over the years of being a master stylist & colorist, I've enjoyed modernizing classic looks to make them fun and wearable for women on the go! I attend numerous education classes each year to always be knowledgeable of the best and latest techniques."


master stylist

Gina Andrews

master stylist/manicurist

"My favorite part of being a stylist is making clients of all ages feel good about themselves and build their confidence. I enjoy growing friendships and getting to know my clients on a personal level."

Darlene Canon


master stylist

"My favorite part of being a stylist is the change from when a client comes in to when they leave. I develop personal relationships with many of my clients."


Alayna Eufemia

salon assistant

& future stylist

Kimi Eklund

senior stylist

"My passion is more than just "doing hair." Sure, I do hair, but my job is so much more than that! its being able to give people the extra confidence they didn't know they had. I love being able to enhance someones appearance with a simple cut or color & have them leave my chair feeling like a million bucks."