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How & When to Use Purple Shampoo

Okay, first off, it’s important to know that purple shampoo can cause just as much bad as it can good! Yes, it’s definitely a little bottle of magical goodness and a must have for 95% of my blondes, however, it’s important to actually know HOW to use it instead of abusing it.

I can’t tell you how many blondes have sat in my chair and said “I’m just not bright anymore and i don’t know why, i use purple shampoo everyday!” YIKES. Purple shampoo will do ONE thing, and one thing only. Neutralize unwanted yellow, and gold pigments. It will NOT make you blonder. Only a salon visit will make you blonder! Read that again ladies.. LOL

There is a happy medium when it comes to how often it should be used. I encourage my clients to use “as needed.” What does “as needed” mean? If your hair starts to appear brassy or “yellowy”, then it’s time! I don’t like to tell people “once a week” or “every third shampoo” simply because it’s different for everyone. Every blonde client is COMPLETELY different! It depends on things like how often they shampoo, product and heat usage, and even they’re water! (The lovely discussion on well water will be coming to the blog soon!) Over using purple shampoo will result in a darker, dingy, pale grey, very blah blonde!

Now, I think we have an idea of WHEN to use purple shampoo, now let’s go over HOW to use it..

IF you're a client who shampoos once or twice a week, it is SO important to clarify your hair or use a deeper cleansing shampoo before using purple shampoo! I LOVE Deep Clean by Eleven Australia! It gives a deep cleanse without being too drying or altering the color of the hair. Think about it, over the the course of the week, the hair ends up full of pollutants, oils, dry shampoo, etc. If you put purple shampoo on top of ALL OF THAT, you can probably understand why it wouldn't neutralize the hair the way its supposed to. Now doesn't it make sense as to why a deep clean is crucial before using purple shampoo?!

My favorite? 10/10 Keep My Colour Blonde Shampoo by Eleven Australia! Its VERY pigmented, works quick and efficiently, and smells AMAZING! It's a staple for ALL of my blonde clients to keep in their shower!


Save your blondies & share this blog post with them! Hopefully this clears up any of the unknown about purple shampoo! Bring us your questions at your next appointment!

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